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• To provide solution to the societal problems from sewage to space
• To build a company as the prominent player in the field of Automation with global standards
• To use technology for developing products considering ethical values
• To create space for students in production, research and innovation


Sales of Customized Robots

We Design, Manufacture & Sale cutomized robots as per requirement of the customers

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robotics engineering automation tools sewage space

Service of Robots

We offer servicing of Robots & other Automations systems

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robotics engineering automation tools sewage space

Providing Solutions to day to day Problems

We will offer solutions through automation systems & services to your problems

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Our Company is focused on providing customized robots for a wide range of customers from Individuals, Private and Public sectors
We identify problems and challenges faced in private and public sectors and provide innovative technological solutions


Speech at IIT Bombay

robotics engineering automation tools customized robots

Dr. Veena K N & Mr. Suraj was invited to IIT Bombay to have a talk about their journey from project to product

Testing at REVA University Manhole

robotics engineering automation tools customized robots

We have tested our pilot product Sewage Robot (MSCPR-1) in REVA University manhole

Times of India Article

robotics engineering automation tools sewage robot

Our project "Sewage Robot" was featured in Times of India article


robotics engineering automation tools Household problems

Mr. Suraj N

CEO & Founder

Mechanical Engineer

robotics engineering automation tools Industrial problems

Dr. Veena K N (MTech, Ph.D)

COO & Founder

Electronics & Comm. Engineer

robotics engineering automation tools reva

Ms. Monisha P

Project Manager

Electronics Engineer

engineering automation companies sewage space

Mr. Vivek P V

Marketing Specialist

Mechanical Engineer


 engineering automation companies customized robots

Mr. Sriram Mokhasi

Technical & Manufacturing Advisor

CEO of Arka Technologies

engineering automation companies sewage robot

Dr. Kavi Arya

Technical Advisor

Prof. IIT Bombay

engineering automation companies Agriculture

Mr. Nivedan Nempe

Marketing Advisor

CEO of Areca Tea

engineering automation companies Industrial problems

Dr. Viyaja Kumar B P

Technical Advisor

HOD, MSRIT, Bengaluru

 engineering automation companies reva

Mr. R Manohar

Marketing Advisor

Associate Director, CPRI

engineering solution sewage space

Mr. Ramesh

Technical Advisor

Proprietor, SS Tools & Technologies

engineering solution customized robots

Mr. Prathik Deshmukh

Sales Advisor & Vendor

Co-Founder & VP of Sales, ROBO Labs

robotics engineering solution Agriculture

Mr. Gajendra

Technical Advisor

Proprietor, Model Engineering Works

robotics engineering solution Household problems

Mr. S K Mahadeva

Technical Advisor

Electrical Engineer, KRIES

 robotics engineering solution Industrial problems

Dr. Ananth

Technical Advisor & Vendor

Director (Technology), NEX Robotics