Drona Automations | services provided drona automations range from sale of customized robots to services of robots

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mechatronics solution Household problems


Sales of Customized Robots

mechatronics Cleaning Industrial problems

mechatronics service of robots reva

application automation companies Agriculture

Drones automation services sewage robot

• We manufacture customized robots as per customer requirements. We take day to day problems and give them solution through our products.
• Currently we are manufacturing customized sewer pipe cleaning robots for IT parks, Layouts, Apartments, Hotels , Housing boards, Govt. Manholes,.etc.,
• Our sewer pipe cleaning robots can be used for any place where sewer pipes are there.

Drones automation  solution Industrial problems

Drones automation companies Household

Drones automation services Agriculture

Drones automation services sewage robot

Service of Robots

Drones Cleaning Industrial problems

We will provide servicing of robots which we will be selling and also provide good technological guidance to existing products.

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Providing Solutions to day to day Problems

Our company will be constantly searching for problems in society & provide technological solutions.

Drones Cleaning reva

You can post your problems here and we will provide solutions in terms of products services etc.
Problems areas:
• Agriculture
• Household problems
• Industrial problems
• Defense
• Drones
• Cleaning
• Waste related
• Etc.,
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