Drona Automations| manhole sewage cleaning robot devopled by drona automations to put an end to inhumane manual scavenging by labourers


MANHOLE SEWAGE PIPE CLEANING ROBOT drona-automations-pvt-ltd

It is the product which has highest demand in the society to solve inhuman scavenging. The product provides cost effective solution to the current problems are faced by the common man in our country. Tending to the conventional practices of manual scavenging, the proposed invention relates to building up of solution to manual practices through mechanical framework to propose arrangement through development by foreseeing the event of blockage before it occurs with help of sensors in manholes and produce a Computational Intelligence based need answer to address the manhole blockage, through automation in addition manual robot setup, which goes into the manhole framework and also the sewer funnels, bore any sort of blockage and expels the waste.


• Robot can operate in any manhole conditions in India
• Automatic & manual operation are implemented
• Detection of blockage with camera is incorporated.
• Robot will enter and remove the waste from sewer pipe of any dimension (9 inches to 13 inches)
• Rugged to clear the blockages such as bricks, stones, slurry etc
• Suitable for all kind of manhole dimensions in India
• Easy maintenance
• Portable
• Low cost compared to other cleaning machines

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