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• Our Company is focused on providing customized robots for a wide range of customers from Individuals, Private and Public sectors
• We identify problems and challenges faced in private and public sectors and provide innovative technological solutions in terms of products and services
• Customized Robots are designed and developed by using knowledge of various disciplines of Engineering and High-end Technology


• Our Logo is derived from the mathemtical term, The "Golden Ratio"
• The Golden ratio is a special number found by dividing a line into two parts so that the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part
• The Golden Ratio increases exponentially, and our company aim is to grow at that exponential rate!!!
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• We are a start-up formed by group of engineering students and faculty members from REVA University, Bengaluru.
• e-Yantra project from IIT Bombay launched e-Yantra Ideas Competition in 2017. Suraj N., Santhosh Reddy K. V., and Vinay Kumar P won National Level Award for best demonstration and presentation for the project “Sewage Blockage Removal Robot” conducted by IIT Bombay on 7th & 8th of April 2017. The project was guided by Dr. Jagadeeswaran N., Associate Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering and Dr. Veena K. N., Associate Professor, School of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
• Patent was published on the idea of “Sewage Blockage Removal Robot”.
• From there our journey started of a project to a product. We made a team of 24 members consisting of Engineering students from various dept. Mech, ECE, EEE and CSE. we successfully manufactured our pilot product and tested in REVA University Manhole.
• With this initial product, we started this company to provide solutions through Automation and Robotics for Societal problems. Currently we are providing customized sewer pipe cleaning robots for IT parks, Private layouts, Apartments, Hotels, Commercial complex, etc.
• Our Major goal is to cover all the problems from Sewage to Space and provide solutions for them.

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Team worked for Real-Time implementation of Sewage Robot

mechatronics automation companies sewage space
Veena K N
application automation business sewage robot sewage space
N Jagadeeswaran
application automation business sewage robot
Praveen V
mechatronics automation companies Agriculture
Suraj N
mechatronics automation companies sewage space
Vinay Kumar P
mechatronics automation companies sewage space
Santhosh Reddy K V
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Jai M Sanghavi
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Drones Cleaning sewage robot
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Ullas Kumar
Drones Wastes customized robots
Drones Wastes Household problems
Drones Cleaning Industrial problems
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Drones automation tools sewage robot
Drones automation tools sewage space
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mechatronics automation services Household problems
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Sales of Customized Robots

Wastes Drones customized robots

Wastes Drones sewage robot

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Wastes Drones reva

• We manufacture customized robots as per customer requirements. We take day to day problems and give them solution through our products.
• Currently we are manufacturing customized sewer pipe cleaning robots for IT parks, Layouts, Apartments, Hotels , Housing boards, Govt. Manholes,.etc.,
• Our sewer pipe cleaning robots can be used for any place where sewer pipes are there.

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Wastes sewage systems reva

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Service of Robots

Cleaning mechatronics customized robots

We will provide servicing of robots which we will be selling and also provide good technological guidance to existing products.

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Cleaning mechatronics Agriculture

Providing Solutions to day to day Problems

Our company will be constantly searching for problems in society & provide technological solutions.

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You can post your problems here and we will provide solutions in terms of products services etc.
Problems areas:
• Agriculture
• Household problems
• Industrial problems
• Defense
• Drones
• Cleaning
• Waste related
• Etc.,
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Future Products

1.Customized pipe cleaning robots
2.Air ducts and ventilation shafts cleaning robot
3.House floor cleaning robot
4.Hybrid portable wind & solar generator
5.Environmental health monitoring Smart display system

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Robots with Artificial Intelligence:

In future, design and implementation of Robots with artificial intelligence for solving complex societal problems are considered. Company aims at providing product with higher end technology to solve problems occurring in all cleaning process and also provides solutions for problems from sewage to space.